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What Is the Occupancy Certificate?

One important requirement for a reverse mortgage is that at least one borrower lives in the property as their primary residence. This is because the property is the only collateral on this type of loan. If no one occupies the property, it can fall into disrepair and result in lower property values.
Each year, you’ll need to complete and sign an occupancy certificate. This certifies that you still own and reside in the home. We will send the certificate approximately 30 days before the anniversary date. It’s important that we get the completed and signed certificate back as soon as possible.  You can also download the Occupancy Certificate by clicking here.  The form has instructions on where to send the completed signed form.
If you need to be away from your home for more than two months, it is best if you or someone close to you sends us a letter to let us know your intentions for returning to the property. The letter should specify the reason you are away, and the dates of departure and expected return. In most cases, with written notification, we would not consider the loan to be in default for occupancy until you are away for longer than 12 months.